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About Altawhed Crops

Al-Tawheed Company for the manufacture and processing of agricultural products
It is one of the largest companies in the Middle East and North Africa
It is located in the north of Egypt and is specialized committed to providing the best dried agricultural crops, herbs and foodstuffs since the end of the past 52 years
With the latest technologies and trained labor with the latest courses in mechanical engineering, hygiene, occupational health and safety
We are committed to meeting all international standards and to the satisfaction of our customers
We are also active members in some official organizations such as: The Center for International Modernization, the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce. Agricultural Export Council
Grain industry room. Our mission is to reach every market around the world and win the trust and satisfaction of each of our customers

altawhed for importing and exporting all agricultural crops and legumes

We export to all countries Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Morocco, Sudan and Romania

We import from Syria, Vietnam, India and Sudan

Our Products

White Kidney Beans

shell peanuts

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